Why NYU Essay

Guideline for Writing the Why NYU Essay

If you are done with high school and are planning to join the New York University, brace yourself for an New York University Essay

Unlike other universities, you will have to write an NYU Essay before joining New York University. Abbreviated as NYU Essay, New York University Essay is a personal statement in an essay written by a freshman planning essay helper to join New York University. It is usually limited to a word count of 400. A question you can expect from the essay is Why New York University. As a result, this article presents you with three tips on how to tackle the Why NYU Essay. While tackling your ‘Why NYU essay’, observe the following steps:

Conduct Thorough Research about NYU

The ‘why NYU essay’ expects a student to elaborate on why they have chosen NYU and not other universities. A student can’t document why they chose NYU without having an understanding of NYU. Therefore, the first step of writing the Why NYU essay is conducting thorough research about this reputable institution.

List Your Interests

Along with researching NYU, you also want to http://adrian.edu/academics/academic-departments/chemistry/ list down your interest. Although you may have various interests in life, it is integral to focus on your academic interests while writing this type of essay. You can also consider adding your interests with regards to the co-curriculum activities. Your interests should not be many because the essay, as depicted in the introduction, is only limited to 400 words. A maximum of three is perfect for this essay.

H2: Relate Your Interest to What NYU Offers

You now have knowledge about NYU and a list of your interests. The next step is to relate your interests with the knowledge you have gathered about NYU. For instance, if your interest is in law and information from your research shows that NYU ranks highly in law, you need to connect these aspects. For example, you can state that the reason you are choosing NYU is that you are passionate about justice and NYU is the best institution where you can pursue this passion without regret. While making the connection, you want to become as creative and reasonable as possible. Influencing this is the fact that it is this connection that makes some students enrolled and others to become left out.


While giving information about NYU, do not give any false information about the institution. Also, do not document something you are not sure about. Doing this reduces your chances of becoming enrolled in NYU. Human is to era. No matter how confident you are in your grammar, you want to consider proofreading the why NYU Essay. The reason is that you do not want something avoidable being the reason you lose a chance to get enrolled in your university of choice. With adhering to these easy guidelines, you are free to submit your why NYU essay and become hopeful for positive results.

Author: Crystelle Tran